Dory the Door

Animated door, friend of Kennedy's


Dory’s Riddles:

  • Vampires don’t usually like this. But when they do, it’s rare. Steak/Stake
  • I want you to put two and two together. If you know what I desire, give me some/sum. Four
  • Dwayne the Dwarf only says a single word all day. At work in the caves, he says this word to his employees slacking off. After work, when he’s at the bar, he says this to someone trying to take his beer. What word is this? Mine!
  • What kind of letter would a half-blind pirate like to receive? ‘I’ / eye
  • Sometimes, at the brothel, you can hear this because the younger customers have this. What is this? Whore moans / hormones
  • Animated door of Kennedy’s alchemy lab in Seaside City Magic Academy
  • Loves telling riddles
  • Ripped from its hinges to see the world, it was carved into becoming Old Harley’s new mask

Dory the Door

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